Trish Bongard Godfrey

No slowdown in sight.

18 November 2016
Trish Bongard Godfrey

And I predict Ex-pats will be coming back.

Brexit Could Be Good for Toronto Real Estate

20 July 2016
Trish Bongard Godfrey

For the past month, global news has been dominated by the British referendum on leaving the European Union. The good news is, Brexit could turn out to be good for the Toronto real estate market.

Wither the Market?

18 May 2016
Trish Bongard Godfrey

One of the reasons I moved my business to Chestnut Park was because of the affiliation with Christie's International.

The Next Wave of Buyers

02 September 2015
Trish Bongard Godfrey

Here are 3 reasons why I predict increased interest in Toronto real estate from buyers in the US, UK, and Europe.

Problems with Open Building Permits

22 May 2014
Trish Bongard Godfrey

Recently, I've been involved in three property deals in which there were open City of...

Keys of Various Sorts

28 March 2014
Trish Bongard Godfrey

The key to a successful buyer's property tour is micro organization...

Hot Market, Warm Homes, Cold City – 2013 Year End Round-Up

06 January 2014
Trish Bongard Godfrey

So after that nasty ice storm over Christmas, I thought we'd get a break from the cold...

Travel Bugs

14 November 2013
Trish Bongard Godfrey

I hear a lot about people expressing a desire for a quick get-away vacation....

The House Crash Begins... Or so they said

13 September 2013
Trish Bongard Godfrey

"The House Crash Begins." Vancouver house prices have plummeted by 12%. Toronto...

How to Price A Property

14 May 2013
Trish Bongard Godfrey

I am frequently asked to price a property when it is about to be listed for sale...

Don't Gamble with Real Estate Values

21 April 2013
Trish Bongard Godfrey

You can’t see the smile on my face, but if you could, it is because a few days ago I got ...

Downtown vs. GTA

04 January 2013
Trish Bongard Godfrey

Happy New Year! According to the Toronto Real Estate Board...

Estate Planning (by Paul Russell)

03 August 2012
Trish Bongard Godfrey

It’s important to update your will after you have a baby. (edit: and after you buy a house!)...

The New Bridgepoint Hospital - Architecture to Serve People

06 June 2012
Trish Bongard Godfrey

My friends Cynthia Webb, Vice President Leadership Gifts, and Catherine Nugent,...

How to Get Kissed in NYC!

02 April 2012
Trish Bongard Godfrey

Last month, we headed off to New York City for a few days over the school break...

St. Clair West Renewal

03 March 2012
Trish Bongard Godfrey

St. Clair West Renewal The renewal of the St. Clair West area...

I Was Once A FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

05 May 2011
Trish Bongard Godfrey

It is almost embarrassing to admit to you that I got into this career by starting out making...