Trish Bongard Godfrey

Need To Know - Conventional vs Collateral: What difference does it make?

24 April 2017
Trish Bongard Godfrey

Although they share much of the same DNA, conventional and collateral mortgages have crucial and consequential differences.

How to Finance a Property in Canada If You are a Non-Resident

22 April 2016
Trish Bongard Godfrey

Foreign ownership in Canada brings a unique set of intricacies and challenges.

Identity Theft and Mortgage Fraud: What You Need to Know

14 July 2015
Trish Bongard Godfrey

Learn some basic ways to protect yourself from identity theft.

Worried About Overpaying?

26 May 2014
Trish Bongard Godfrey

A few days ago I asked a friend who is in the process of buying and selling what was top...

How Government Is Pushing Home Prices Up

09 April 2014
Trish Bongard Godfrey

Seriously, Toronto real estate prices must be headed for double digit increases this year...

How to Price A Property

14 May 2013
Trish Bongard Godfrey

I am frequently asked to price a property when it is about to be listed for sale...

Estate Planning (by Paul Russell)

03 August 2012
Trish Bongard Godfrey

It’s important to update your will after you have a baby. (edit: and after you buy a house!)...