Insight Market UpdatePrices Made Public...Exclusive Listings... and more2018-09-25T21:17:00Zb00edf18-b8f7-4a9c-95a9-28f9330f2c76 Toronto is the Perfect City for Young FamiliesToronto provides a particularly appealing option for families, thanks to the wealth of kid-friendly activities and homes in the city.2017-05-12T15:51:00Z5020aa24-1d15-4bd4-9d42-7ac781d83adc Watch - Toronto Region - April 2017 InfographicMarket Watch - Toronto Region - April 20172017-04-30T17:03:00Z8193c47b-727a-4bf7-8cbc-0d4e56b64df4 Region Real Estate Market Report - April 2017The Toronto and area marketplace behaved uncharacteristically in April. For the first time in many years the number of sales this month was fewer than the number of sales reported in the corresponding month the year before. 2017-04-30T16:51:00Z9373d460-81cf-4839-8554-53609ae4cdef To Know | Conventional vs Collateral: What difference does it make?Although they share much of the same DNA, conventional and collateral mortgages have crucial and consequential differences.2017-04-24T16:32:00Z940e9b45-0db1-41e6-b4d1-335c01e95b00 From Chestnut Park CEO, Chris Kapches: The Ontario Fair Housing PlanOn April 20th, the provincial government introduced the Ontario Fair Housing Plan. 2017-04-24T13:38:00Z9b1f354f-9bc2-45ed-9110-ca55c317203b Region Real Estate Market Report - March 2017March residential resale numbers were staggering, in every category. 2017-03-31T20:41:00Z0baa449d-2fc2-4b55-b047-6f652a01a12d Watch - Toronto Region - March 2017 InfographicThe market continues to be plagued by unprecedented low inventory levels. 2017-03-31T20:28:00Z7b981a14-d823-463f-8947-8f720aca51a1 CleaningBack by popular demand, here is a summary of where to donate items and dispose of hazardous waste.2017-03-08T20:43:00Zb31ac371-1210-4faa-b328-3af7cf964101 Up and Listings Down in FebruaryDespite the fact that February 2016 had one more day due to the leap year day, this result was up on a year-over-year basis by 5.7 per cent compared to 7,583 sales reported last year.2017-03-08T19:54:00Z1853a2be-039e-46da-93f9-9ce815fd81ba Region Real Estate Market Report - February 2017The question that economists, journalist, politicians and realtors are all asking is: What’s happening to the Toronto real estate market?2017-02-28T17:41:00Z5972a4e6-7a8c-499f-b1ed-490c50345faf Watch - Toronto Region - February 2017 InfographicMarket Watch - Toronto Region - February 2017 Infographic2017-02-28T17:29:00Z20bd0520-535c-49e7-9ab2-c4993e887a72 Land Transfer Changes Effective March 1, 2017February 16, 2017 -- City of Toronto Council has approved changes to the Toronto Land Transfer Tax that mean additional Toronto Land Transfer Tax costs for some home buyers with a closing date on or after March 1, 2017, when it will be harmonized with the provincial LTT. 2017-02-21T22:46:00Z1f26975b-e5b8-4117-b6d0-a4e899a8d862 Watch - Toronto Region - January 2017 InfographicMarket Watch - Toronto Region - January 2017 Infographic2017-01-31T20:57:00Z330b4f94-7c41-4c35-81a6-896b5397d4a1 Region Real Estate Market Report - January 2017The Toronto and area residential resale market picked up where 2016 ended. In fact it accelerated the pace of sales we witnessed in December. This is unusual behavior for the market in January, usually a slow month, as buyers and sellers kick out the holiday season cobwebs. But these are unusual times, very unusual times.2017-01-31T19:21:00Z59ce9fa0-0e7b-4ad9-a328-0417051d72fd's Record Breaking Year-End Sales SummaryHappy New Year. I hope you have had a good start to 2017. It would be folly for me to make any big predictions about President-elect Trump and his impact on real estate or anything else. I think we can agree that uncertain, unpredictable, and unconventional are terms to describe this man. And while businesses (and many ordinary humans) tend to want predictability and stability, there is certainly a big part of the world that is unhappy with the status quo. The stock markets seem happy with him so far, but we have a divided world.2017-01-18T17:34:00Z38b7e32f-e97d-465d-8db3-61a7ed71a484 Watch - Toronto Region - December 2016 InfographicMarket Watch - Toronto Region - December 2016 - Infographic2016-12-31T21:33:00Zc4f7859d-96e2-4457-8aef-e8e0d8cbb00a Real Estate Market Report - December 2016Another record breaking year for the Toronto and area residential resale market. In 2016 113,133 properties were reported sold. This number shattered the previous record of 101,213 properties sold in 2015. That makes two consecutive years in which Toronto and area sales have exceeded 100,000. 2016-12-31T19:57:00Z6592fe60-4b6a-4a02-bcc3-54fa81220eca Bongard Godfey's Real Estate Report - December 2016Special Year End Report2016-12-31T14:59:00Z6f1ed39b-2995-4585-9541-f5de28b75f38 Not Done & Who Is Cashing Out NextIn my office we have a white board where agents post their recent sales. It includes the address, list price, sold price, number of offers and who represented the Buyer and the Seller. The board I wish we had is the wall of deals not made: Deals Not Done. These would offers prepared and presented in multiple offer situations for clients and who did not get the deal, because that would be very revealing, too. Recently I represented Buyers for a lovely home that sold for well over list price. There were 6 offers all together. There had been 7, but one dropped out I assume because of the competition. The next night, a colleague texted me at about 9 PM to say she was sitting in a car, waiting, and was representing one of 20 offers on a property that was a “first time buyers” home, on a busy street in the far east end of Toronto. It sold for over $900,000. These are just anecdotal stories: we all have them. You’ve heard them.2016-12-01T22:32:00Z54e9d4fb-c291-4acd-8f20-f7754530fcf6 Watch - Toronto Region - November 2016 InfographicToronto Market Report November 2016 - Infographic2016-11-30T21:37:00Z2d9c980f-7b5e-416a-8e97-81571df843ce Real Estate Market Report - November 2016The year is coming to an end, but there is no slowing down the Toronto resale market. The record for most sales in the greater Toronto area in any year has already been shattered, and there is still the month of December.2016-11-30T20:02:00Z3b89c4f7-1b51-4641-ab61-ba3100caa3cc slowdown in sight. And I predict Ex-pats will be coming back.2016-11-18T20:39:00Z52672e51-5fe8-4a5c-877d-8f83baf44a8c Watch - Toronto Region - October 2016 InfographicToronto Market Report October 2016 - Infographic2016-10-31T21:38:00Ze89e4926-a659-486f-95a7-7a64c247aa5b Real Estate Market Report - October 2016In October the Federal Finance Minister implemented new “stress testing” for buyers looking for high ratio loans. A buyer seeking a high ratio loan normally has less than 20 percent of the purchase of the property. The new “stress testing” rules require borrowers to be qualified at banks’ posted rates, and not the discounted rates, the rate of interest they will actually be paying.2016-10-31T20:05:00Z7a71f686-ef5f-4b25-84e0-4b726f57846c Watch - Toronto Region - September 2016 InfographicToronto Market Report September 2016 - Infographic2016-09-30T21:45:00Z0c68d8b1-e547-4518-b5d7-5ec8d6c0f10b Real Estate Market Report - September 2016As the month of September comes to an end, the two major concerns about Toronto and area’s resale market are declining supply, to critical levels, and rapidly rising home prices. Both have been issues throughout 2016, but they have now become hot points that are attracting the attention of government and potential government intervention.2016-09-30T20:11:00Z26b3fe6c-139a-4f52-98e0-d26741a4ba21 Watch - Toronto Region - August 2016 InfographicToronto Market Report August 2016 - Infographic2016-08-31T21:47:00Z525b84a4-fdc6-4e94-bdde-af3bd0a929e7 Real Estate Market Report - August 2016As we enter the traditional fall market, the big story in Toronto is inventory shortage. At the end of August there were only 9,949 residential properties available to buyers, a number only slightly higher than the 9,813 properties reported sold in August. This is a historic low.2016-08-31T20:14:00Zfce0f211-6e54-4b75-b2c4-40126678b303 Real Estate Market Report - July 2016The Toronto residential resale market set a new record for sales in July. It appears that there are no more seasonal slowdowns. Almost 10,000 properties were reported sold in July, a month when historically both buyers and sellers took vacations and the number of sales dropped noticeably. 2016-07-31T20:21:00Ze3b8b1c9-286e-483a-be39-3075546c61ba Watch - Toronto Region - July 2016 InfographicJuly was the strongest July on record for reported sales. 2016-07-31T13:59:00Z38b1530a-1645-4c97-9640-16d353e102d8 Could Be Good for Toronto Real EstateFor the past month, global news has been dominated by the British referendum on leaving the European Union. The good news is, Brexit could turn out to be good for the Toronto real estate market.2016-07-20T18:56:00Ze115f981-bbe8-45e6-9632-f34df66d469b Real Estate Market Report - June 2016June was, as have been all the months in 2016, exceptional. What we did not see however is a new monthly average sales price record, notwithstanding that June’s average sale price was almost 17 percent higher than the average sale price recorded last June.2016-06-30T20:27:00Zeb31e311-59bb-4aff-a71f-524815b6fe3a Watch - Toronto Region - June 2016 InfographicThe records were fewer in June even though it was still a very strong month.2016-06-30T14:03:00Z85543037-6d59-4ecb-8d28-c046d1117dcc Real Estate Market Report - May 2016May 2016 was the best May in the history of the Toronto and area residential resale market. The market has evolved in such a way that every month new records are set. May was no exception.2016-05-31T20:31:00Zac774ae0-b9da-4db3-b6d4-a51c7f196e03 Watch - Toronto Region - May 2016 InfographicMore records were set in May. A detached house in Toronto now cost $1,285,693, an increase of more than 15 percent in just one year.2016-05-31T14:11:00Z9f7ac93c-78e5-4252-8837-70b7e3f2b7b1 the Market?One of the reasons I moved my business to Chestnut Park was because of the affiliation with Christie's International.2016-05-18T17:51:00Z13d3e590-1387-409f-b3c7-aa07135e6521 New Globe & Mail Real Estate Feature? I don’t think so!The Globe has teamed up with Teranet-National Bank to provide a cool new on-line feature to track prices by postal codes, but it may not be all that useful.2016-05-03T15:51:00Zf2836ff0-9d6d-4e2f-bf97-a61bc49dc2ff Real Estate Market Report April 2016April’s market report could be a replica of March’s report. We continue to run out of superlatives in attempting to describe the Toronto area residential resale market. As they did in March, average sale prices continue to go up, days on market continue to decline, the inventory of available properties is evaporating, and buyer demand cannot be satisfied. Records in almost all categories are being broken monthly.2016-04-30T20:33:00Z30cd5392-4b54-4225-b146-8cb9581d5446 Watch - Toronto Region - April 2016 InfographicApril was marked by record sales, record days on market, record average sale prices and a desperate need for more inventory. Very light conditions for buyers.2016-04-30T14:20:00Z5305574f-e757-4f6c-acb5-af10d7ca2aaa Top Nine Eco-Friendly Features for Today’s Luxury HomesEarth-conscious does not have to mean “doing without.” Quite the contrary: chic, even dazzlingly beautiful homes around the world are now sporting green roofs, drawing power from geothermal energy, and making use of solar panels year round.2016-04-22T18:02:00Z63222330-f906-48f5-ab33-da21c26d48f4 to Finance a Property in Canada If You are a Non-ResidentForeign ownership in Canada brings a unique set of intricacies and challenges. 2016-04-22T17:54:00Zb6001aa6-f5c6-4b64-aedd-ea0997b463d9 Your Home Pay for Itself? This Home's Airbnb Pad Generates $3000/MonthIt’s hard to argue with the benefits of an income generating basement apartment. Even the most modest accommodations can help offset a mortgage. 2016-04-22T17:42:00Zabd46525-fa3f-4948-b0ac-5c296c69febc Considers Citywide Ban on Pad ParkingOn December 9 and 10 last year, Toronto City Council debated a motion by Councillor Shelley Carroll to extend the moratorium on front yard parking pads to the entire city.2016-03-03T15:20:00Zc8d1a22b-2880-4a18-9dd1-5a14d1689d06 Facts from TREB's Year-in-Review ReportTREB's first ever year-end report included some fascinating data from an Ipsos poll commissioned by TREB in November 2015. 2016-02-16T19:20:00Zb68e9fb7-583f-42f1-937a-09689c2e871d Market Year-in-Review and Outlook ReportThe Toronto Real Estate Board has released its annual year-in-review and market outlook report. 2016-01-19T18:55:00Z70ecac42-06cd-4186-a8b9-5b71f41dcafc Year for TREB MLS® Home Sales in 2015The second best sales result on record for December capped off a record year for TREB MLS® home sales in the GTA.2016-01-12T18:50:00Z4e6ffbc3-9763-410d-98b0-36639db35d9a Back at 2015: Year-End Neighbourhood Sales FiguresAs this infographic shows, sales in Wychwood, Oakwood-Vaughan, Humewood-Cedarvale, and Corso Italia-Davenport continued to rise last year.2016-01-12T15:49:00Ze74e2168-8cba-4c8c-98e9-68ef0ff6a44f Ready to List: My Full-Service Plan for Home SellersIf you made a resolution to sell your home this spring, it’s time to start getting ready. 2016-01-12T15:11:00Z2695f28c-b804-4be1-b1f5-43a78ce8ceed's On For the Holidays: December Event GuideWhat's on in Toronto for the holidays in 2015.2015-12-03T18:02:00Za433a064-ad3a-4479-9076-b68580f53137 Does It Really Mean to Be Represented by a REALTOR®?Choosing a REALTOR® is choosing a business and personal relationship with someone you need to trust to look after your interests. The first thing a REALTOR® should explain to you is who is working for whom, and what are their obligations.2015-11-24T18:51:00Zca15bbea-aba1-4984-a854-aa5dbcc503cf Essential Fall Home Maintenance ChecklistThere are a number of annual chores needed to prepare your home for winter – but your fall maintenance spree is the perfect excuse to tackle a few non-seasonal projects, too,2015-09-30T14:42:00Ze3e1729c-f66c-4ea5-8fe6-79f876ab4280 Next Wave of BuyersHere are 3 reasons why I predict increased interest in Toronto real estate from buyers in the US, UK, and Europe.2015-09-02T15:48:00Z1142cac9-47ef-4091-88ea-f679db72bf87 Daycare at a GlanceYour complete directory of licensed daycares in Wychwood, Humewood-Cedarvale, and Oakwood-Vaughan.2015-07-17T17:18:00Zde72f3a7-8847-4bf5-8903-519d45744609 Theft and Mortgage Fraud: What You Need to KnowLearn some basic ways to protect yourself from identity theft.2015-07-14T15:24:00Z144f9943-c517-488d-b0a3-d8b42ca6305b Low Can You Go? Lowering Your BasementLiving space is at a premium for most of us, and one of the most practical places to capture more space in your home is the basement. 2015-05-13T18:01:00Z3f45251a-90f2-4dcf-94e3-e570a08442a4 Inspections, DemystifiedA realistic take on what's really involved, and not, regarding residential home inspections. 2015-03-03T20:00:00Za899d33a-782c-4c86-8471-ad6e52207931 Power GenerationLast Christmas, many of us experienced the wrath of rain and cold which left us without power. It wasn't fun....2014-12-15T16:22:00Z0db36875-0e45-4181-bf98-142d9071ef85 Vacation PreparationYes, it's time. Time for snow tires, winter coats and last-chance leaf bagging. It's also time to make sure a few things inside your house are cared for, before taking off...2014-12-10T17:22:00Z3733166b-7a46-494a-802a-f720faa7eba9 and Winter Home Close-up ChecklistYes, its time to get ready for winter. Rona Has provided a great checklist which...2014-11-15T20:17:00Za297b6ac-1a0d-41e3-8027-fbea39631416 To Buy in Toronto Now - 2014There is not much serious talk about the Toronto real estate market collapsing...2014-10-06T16:18:00Zfa37bf28-43b5-49bc-b908-5d69ed84a904 About Overpaying?A few days ago I asked a friend who is in the process of buying and selling what was top...2014-05-26T19:32:00Z6caba7fc-bec7-4ebe-837c-5be4b0ad3663 with Open Building PermitsRecently, I've been involved in three property deals in which there were open City of...2014-05-22T19:34:00Z173f8e88-ec22-4082-9c25-bb0bff01385f Government Is Pushing Home Prices UpSeriously, Toronto real estate prices must be headed for double digit increases this year...2014-04-09T20:08:00Z74b9aa36-5ffd-4fab-b921-4be1d4171ede of Various SortsThe key to a successful buyer's property tour is micro organization...2014-03-28T20:11:00Z655a45d8-c746-4af5-89ac-1e7d01a83b1e Market, Warm Homes, Cold City – 2013 Year End Round-UpSo after that nasty ice storm over Christmas, I thought we'd get a break from the cold...2014-01-06T16:47:00Zb8c7a635-b73c-4185-8dbc-d703df07a705 the Bedroom Hot (The R-40 Solution)Ok – I love my projects but this one has had the most amazing results! And I am embarrassed...2014-01-06T14:42:00Z3519e5e1-a756-4ff0-89aa-36d2dab166dd BugsI hear a lot about people expressing a desire for a quick get-away vacation....2013-11-14T14:20:00Zab150613-ba3f-40c8-8e1f-7674d9b0cc03 House Crash Begins... Or so they said"The House Crash Begins." Vancouver house prices have plummeted by 12%. Toronto...2013-09-13T20:18:00Z850da2bc-708b-495d-8caf-2313f051faf8 to Do in a (Toronto) FloodWhen asked about whether all the rain was going to stop, our neighbour in Nova Scotia...2013-06-13T20:27:00Z16c6fb91-8639-49c8-a52e-310218a83019 to Price A PropertyI am frequently asked to price a property when it is about to be listed for sale...2013-05-14T20:48:00Zb364f1c8-f7c8-45cf-a03b-f520257bfd91't Gamble with Real Estate ValuesYou can’t see the smile on my face, but if you could, it is because a few days ago I got ...2013-04-21T21:34:00Z6222ca50-5380-4894-9c7b-e5d13a9fc976 vs. GTAHappy New Year! According to the Toronto Real Estate Board...2013-01-04T21:20:00Zbe9ea566-0414-45b8-b8c8-ed0157b04c54 Fall Stonework ProjectMy front porch has been an embarrassment since we bought this house in 2008...2012-10-01T20:25:00Zd801d5b6-ef1d-4735-b6c1-6d662f32ecad Planning (by Paul Russell)It’s important to update your will after you have a baby. (edit: and after you buy a house!)...2012-08-03T21:15:00Z29a5e725-b8b9-4061-962e-a3fd0e25811f New Bridgepoint Hospital - Architecture to Serve PeopleMy friends Cynthia Webb, Vice President Leadership Gifts, and Catherine Nugent,... 2012-06-06T14:53:00Z00ad6931-c897-47ee-9d16-4d66a157111f HackersFor a few years I served on the Board of Directors of a Canadian charity called...2012-04-04T21:02:00Z5f39c884-c852-4419-a891-ef1d948b95d4 to Get Kissed in NYC!Last month, we headed off to New York City for a few days over the school break...2012-04-02T14:06:00Zc541cef7-7b0a-4fca-bc8e-686777cd4fc8 Clair West RenewalSt. Clair West Renewal The renewal of the St. Clair West area...2012-03-03T15:01:00Zc5efd0e0-5ccc-47f3-8863-6f2bcec2e880 Was Once A FSBO (For Sale By Owner)It is almost embarrassing to admit to you that I got into this career by starting out making...2011-05-05T20:53:00Z