Trish Bongard Godfrey

Fixed or floating? The great mortgage debate of our time

GLOBE & MAIL   |   David Israelson 

...A big consideration in the fix-or-float debate is what kind of extra cash you have on hand and whether you expect that to change for better or worse, Ms. Bongard Godfrey says.

“It depends whether you think you’ll have an opportunity to make a lump-sum payment in the future, and whether you’re willing to risk the rates going up. There’s a certain gut check you need to do in terms of your own life and whether you want security of knowing what rates will be,” she says...

Investment property won't work out 'if you're greedy'

GLOBE & MAIL   |   Mary Gooderham

...Ms. Bongard Godfrey says it’s important for investment property owners to be patient and maybe even handy, to understand the real estate market, be willing to manage the property (or hire others to do it) and to hold it for the long term to realize its capital appreciation.

“I don’t think people should be too ambitious,” she says. “It doesn’t work out if you’re greedy.”...

Home buyers squeezed out of market must save more – or settle for less

GLOBE & MAIL   |   David Israelson

...another option is to lower your expectations, says Trish Bongard Godfrey, a Toronto real estate agent.

“If people can’t afford houses they can look at condos. People are also buying farther from downtown,” she says. In Toronto, “I know everyone wants to live downtown, but they’re now looking in places like Hamilton and Markham. That’s why we need better rapid transit – we absolutely need to fix that.”...