Trish Bongard Godfrey

It takes focus to sail through a hurricane.

That’s something Trish learned early in her sailing career when she was helping deliver boats down the east coast of the U.S. Her second trip was with a sparse crew of four delivering a yacht from New Port, R.I., to the Virgin Islands. Sailing right into the teeth of Tropical Storm Ernesto, the ship faced winds up to 70 MPH. With only one sailor at the helm while the others slept in shifts, the crew had to rely on skill, trust and teamwork to see them through.

Trish was no stranger to life on the water. As a dinghy racer, she honed her skills sailing in three international Albacore championships. She spent much of her childhood sailing with her father, and one of her first jobs was as a sailing instructor for kids. Trish knew how to sail through a storm. Focused, reliable and collaborative by nature, Trish was an ideal crewmember.

Charting a unique course.

Trish’s professional voyage has provided her with invaluable experience. Initially she worked in the financial services, where her quick thinking and competitive drive would be rewarded. She became licensed to trade securities in Canada and the U.S. and worked as a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch Canada. As an account executive in marketing and communications consulting firms, she worked with clients including Templeton Mutual Funds, Trimark Funds, Molson Breweries and Campbell Soup.

Taking a different tack.

Though she was successful in finance, eventually Trish’s compassion and desire to help others led her to work in the not-for-profit sector. Fundraising and charitable work allowed Trish to use her natural skills for advocating on behalf of others. She managed the University of Toronto’s United Way campaign as well as a national fundraising campaign for the Council for Canadian Unity. She was also executive director of Second Harvest. As a manager and consultant, she worked with the Royal Military College, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Carleton University, and World University Service of Canada. She planned special events for charities such as the Canadian Jewish Congress. As a volunteer, she served on several boards including TIFF, the Writer’s Trust of Canada, and the Natural Step Canada.

Setting sail for real estate.

Trish finally came to real estate by following her lifelong fascination with building and architectural design. Many childhood evenings were spent looking at construction drawings from her parents’ renovation projects, or learning to use carpentry tools with her father and brother. Trish has studied drafting, construction technology, and building codes, and she’s applied her knowledge acting as general contractor for major construction projects in her own homes. She understands owning and caring for a home from the inside out.

Knowing the ropes.

Trish’s breadth of experience gives her an edge as a realtor and helps her relate to her clients’ diverse backgrounds. Her professional history, as well as her experience supporting her husband John Godfrey in his political career as a Member of Parliament, have made Trish familiar with the unique needs of clients who have high-pressure jobs in business, academia, and government.

On an even keel.

Trish’s professional drive is balanced by her love of family and adventure outside the office. She likes to challenge herself, whether by hiking solo in the Himalayas or foraging for the perfect chanterelle in the Canadian woods. Her other passions include skiing, swimming, cycling, travel, fine food, painting and architecture. (She recently took up golfing, but it’s definitely a work in progress!) Mindfulness meditation is her key to maintaining balance and focus in her life.

Although she has travelled widely, Toronto is home for Trish – it’s where she was born and raised. She knows the city well, having lived in neighbourhoods all over central Toronto. She now makes her home in the St. Clair West area, with her husband John, their son Ian, and their dog Archie. On her rare vacations, Trish and her family enjoy visits to their cottage on Nova Scotia’s south shore…a sailor’s paradise.


Original watercolours by Trish

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Here for You.

Trish is skilled and experienced in presenting thoughtful, positive, motivating points of view – critical to your successful contract negotiations. She loves helping people find the right home, or guiding them through the process of selling their home for the best possible price. Her clients appreciate that she takes the time to get to know their individual situation and preferences. Trish puts her clients’ needs first – always.